Somehow we are already in October. How did that even happen? We kicked the month off with a long weekend, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working hard!

In Math, we’ve explored our new math program with perseverance. We have reviewed place value up the millions, practiced the properties of addition and subtraction, estimation,  and we are now learning about different ways to multiply numbers. Fact practice (fact fluency) is really important to do this harder math so please make sure you know your math facts! (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing)

In Reading, we’ve focused on choosing the just right book for us, how to restate questions when we are answering from a book, and we’ve really enjoyed Get Epic online. Soon, we will start guided reading groups.

In Writing, we have been working hard on writing a narrative story. We are wrapping up our first story this week.

In Science, we’ve learned all about sense receptors and recently we were able to attend the Northern Maine Water Festival to learn about water in Maine and the world.

In Social Studies, we’ve learned about our great state of Maine and also have practiced some social/emotional situations. So far we’ve learned about respect, kindness and how to be a good friend/classmate.

Be sure to check ClassDojo for daily updates, behavior reports, and pictures. Enjoy October!


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